1. @purecycle - Tue Oct 21 21:10 Salsa fat bikes have landed! First contestant is in the stand. New Beargrease carbon getting prepped for its new... http://t.co/NlvAkPJLzA
  2. @purecycle - Tue Oct 21 04:02 More Merlin! Ride it again today. 4 times in 7 days. Might have to switch valley sides for a ride or two!!
  3. @purecycle - Sun Oct 19 20:10 View from the top! http://t.co/RpF1uIe1x7
  4. @purecycle - Sun Oct 19 20:08 Turbo lap up to Merlin and then down to Long Distance this morning. Mint conditions and high heart rates!
  5. @purecycle - Thu Oct 16 03:49 Group Night ride was chilly but totally awesome with some decent trail conditions. Bring your lights and let's... http://t.co/YeS0AXFsmU
  6. @purecycle - Wed Oct 15 21:24 Night Ride! Be at Cycle 22x for 6pm. You have to have lights and some warm clothing. It is going to be a blast!... http://t.co/NtUIzlb6tg
  7. @purecycle - Wed Oct 15 15:23 Rainy weather has us thinking about calling off the mission. Final decision to be made by lunch.
  8. @purecycle - Tue Oct 14 22:05 We have a night lap shaping up for tomorrow evenings group ride. Standby for full details.
  9. @purecycle - Tue Oct 14 06:31 West Bragg was all time today! Merlin Loop along with some other tidbits. Unreal for this time of year. http://t.co/oEmIkWTJNT
  10. @purecycle - Mon Oct 13 19:02 Getting ready to burn some turkey fuel. http://t.co/57vKuTmtTV
  11. @purecycle - Sat Oct 11 19:57 Erik brought his jump bike in for upgrades - Curtis decided to try it out. It might be too small. It's too small. http://t.co/9c850Fr4Xm
  12. @purecycle - Wed Oct 08 19:41 Group ride is off tonight, but anyone who wants to ride should get out and enjoy the last good days of fall!
  13. @purecycle - Tue Oct 07 21:08 We need some trail updates from the weekend folks! Who rode dirt and can you tell us about it?
  14. @purecycle - Mon Oct 06 05:17 Moto cross training in the morning. Maybe some MTB in the evening! http://t.co/n4as0cd8SG
  15. @purecycle - Sat Oct 04 22:27 Suspension Sale is official. We have bikes that need a new home.http://t.co/q62pUR1Mp0 http://t.co/VYofUnjdQE
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