1. @purecycle - Mon Jan 26 17:47 West Bragg was great yesterday! Four seasons riding as we saw every type of trail conditions!
  2. @purecycle - Sat Jan 24 21:15 If you need to take a quick break from the fat bike madness you may appreciate some road race updates. Soon... http://t.co/6vLHbd2DLw
  3. @purecycle - Sat Jan 24 20:37 For many of us at the shop this was the start of our love for Yeti Bikes http://t.co/cowaA9uIw9
  4. @purecycle - Fri Jan 23 23:59 Tomorrow's group ride will meet at Ccle 22x at 10am. Tentatively looking at doing the short Powderface loop.
  5. @purecycle - Thu Jan 22 19:58 More action from last night's covert operation!! http://t.co/MJAXT1yvyJ
  6. @purecycle - Thu Jan 22 04:41 Tonight's night ride was killer. Trail was surprisingly good and we had a great turnout! Unreal temps and good... http://t.co/NrMceqF3CM
  7. @purecycle - Tue Jan 20 23:16 Tomorrow night we will ride fat bikes!! Meet at Cycle 22X at 6:30 and we will hit the trails shortly after that... http://t.co/usYXriPrQv
  8. @purecycle - Tue Jan 20 20:33 Our man Perry added the Salsa Bucksaw to his Mukluk to create a super fleet! The Fat Bike vibe continues to flow... http://t.co/lruhDaWqhs
  9. @purecycle - Tue Jan 20 17:58 Big E debates upgrades to his apprentice' Mukluk. Race Face Turbine gear is sweet, but maybe SL would be sweeter? http://t.co/6YcrKEbi2r
  10. @purecycle - Sun Jan 18 19:16 @StampedersPres @salsa @purecycle Nice work! Glad to you are enjoying the Mukluk!
  11. @purecycle - Sat Jan 17 01:52 Trail conditions are perfect in WBC! Group Ride tomorrow, meet at Cycle 22x, 10am. It will be FUN! http://t.co/pB7oB6gW4K
  12. @purecycle - Fri Jan 16 21:49 Time Lapse of our man laying down the build on the Emonda! http://t.co/CXoBCvosTw
  13. @purecycle - Fri Jan 16 17:40 I posted 9 photos on Facebook in the album "Project One - Emonda SLR" http://t.co/lV2y9TmmlE
  14. @purecycle - Thu Jan 15 23:20 Erik models the new Bell Stoker - an economy Enduro helmet with some slick colors. http://t.co/PwfyXvUOTj
  15. @bikecalgary - Thu Jan 15 23:20 Is this your stolen 2014 Red Salsa Mukluk 3 fatbike 16"? Recovered by @CalgaryPolice ! http://t.co/GEZJAaCUiu #yycbike
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