1. @purecycle - Tue Jul 29 18:39 Tomorrow's group ride will see us battle the Highline Trail in Canmore. We will meet at the Petro Canada on Hwy... http://t.co/xl52gy3vYK
  2. @purecycle - Mon Jul 28 21:12 Final Demo Day of the season has been moved to this Saturday Aug 2. Starts at 9am and goes until 5pm. West... http://t.co/oStuONHns9
  3. @purecycle - Sun Jul 27 18:31 The Final Sunday! This season has been trucking along at a clip, and we're entering the dog days. This sunday is... http://t.co/JAYOEGs2WA
  4. @purecycle - Sat Jul 26 16:41 Upcoming Enduro hotness from the minds at Trek. We have been bunkered down for a long while waiting for this... http://t.co/NSWq41FkHu
  5. @purecycle - Fri Jul 25 15:08 When things get like this before a race , who do you call? Ghostbusters don't handle this so you better call Pure... http://t.co/V0XPB4NpVu
  6. @purecycle - Thu Jul 24 20:31 Just had a visit from Mike at Perchworks. Looking forward to some Custom PureCycle saddles soon. Keep an eye on... http://t.co/9n7rDIXjO7
  7. @purecycle - Tue Jul 22 21:35 GROUP RIDE! It's on tomorrow, meeting at CYCLE 22X at 5:45, heading out at 6. Kunz will be scoping the trails... http://t.co/zXq2t1XhLr
  8. @purecycle - Tue Jul 22 20:21 Just finished riding the new Salsa carbon Horsethief. Alloy option available now at shop. #bestkeptsecret http://t.co/OGDEzt4YSd
  9. @purecycle - Tue Jul 22 19:54 Erik's not the only one riding fat bikes this summer. http://t.co/8Xe3DJvBVs
  10. @purecycle - Tue Jul 22 18:43 Full Sus fat bike is a full on crush machine. Just rode this with some Whiskey fat bike carbon wheels.... http://t.co/vwAKJupKkR
  11. @purecycle - Tue Jul 22 16:58 Day 2 of Saddle Drive starts out with some different bars! #saddledrive http://t.co/YjNr9rYxbp
  12. @purecycle - Tue Jul 22 14:33 Erik isn't the only one riding Salsas. Fat tires are surprisingly fun in the dirt. http://t.co/4zPUjQ2ciX
  13. @purecycle - Mon Jul 21 21:43 New Salsa awesomeness everywhere! 2015 XTR on the new carbon Horsethief. Out of hand how nice the finish is. #saddledrive
  14. @purecycle - Mon Jul 21 19:41 Riding new Salsa's at Saddle Drive. Pretty sweet! #saddledrive
  15. @purecycle - Mon Jul 21 16:01 First lap of SaddleDrive complete! #saddledrive http://t.co/UVM3uBudsR
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