1. @purecycle - Sat Aug 30 19:19 Over Half way done! The Calgary Cycle Group is supporting the Guiness World Record attempt of Mark Haimes and Reg... http://t.co/6isHshByp7
  2. @purecycle - Sat Aug 30 03:39 Late night cool down in the bag cave after a quick in city dirt lap. Had to go riding to make calorie space for... http://t.co/ypie6Xwe71
  3. @purecycle - Fri Aug 29 19:08 Talk on the street was that Big E has been challenged. Very well.......let the games begin. http://t.co/qxEFEiAowK
  4. @purecycle - Thu Aug 28 18:35 Last night's group ride was a beauty!! Good turn out and great trail conditions
  5. @purecycle - Wed Aug 27 16:22 Our remaining cruiser inventory has hit the sale list! Give us a shout if you're looking for a sweet rig to... http://t.co/5liwgyUmyf
  6. @purecycle - Wed Aug 27 15:48 Tonight's group ride will meet at Cycle 22X at 5:45. Looking like a Bragging Rights type affair with a possible... http://t.co/8J8xgYTlDU
  7. @purecycle - Tue Aug 26 23:58 http://t.co/5IoZsokdyg
  8. @purecycle - Tue Aug 26 20:27 Our Ride Group Season End Celebration is happening on Saturday, September 6th - A sweet ride, and then some BBQ.... http://t.co/yVFEHp1X2Q
  9. @purecycle - Tue Aug 26 17:02 The Bluto has arrived! Fat Bike suspension is ready and waiting.
  10. @purecycle - Tue Aug 26 05:22 This Wednesday looks mint on the weather front. We WILL ride bikes! Any thoughts on where we should hit up?
  11. @purecycle - Mon Aug 25 23:48 Erik and Dan did a grunt up Sulphur Springs to Pneuma, with a dash of Moose Mtn road and then down Special K.... http://t.co/bekV1dKOiJ
  12. @purecycle - Sat Aug 23 14:18 Our mobile command post is up at the Banff Gran Fondo! Pedal hard folks. #banffgranfondo http://t.co/3EeGk6jq6V
  13. @purecycle - Fri Aug 22 18:58 Power up to lay down some complimentary tech support at the Banff Gran Fondo tomorrow. Good luck to everyone who is riding!
  14. @purecycle - Thu Aug 21 03:59 As per our earlier statements to the public we have ridden bikes tonight!! Up Family Guy....almost to the top... http://t.co/3N2w6FGELZ
  15. @purecycle - Wed Aug 20 20:14 Big E will be at Cycle 22X at 5:45 to take down a ride. If you feel like building some character in the rain... http://t.co/aYYjVf0HBw
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