1. @purecycle - Tue Sep 30 23:01 Big lights back in stock!! http://t.co/UFIOC3vxtT
  2. @purecycle - Tue Sep 30 22:58 Tomorrow night we will be heading to Ranger Summit for a quick rip. Group ride will meet at Cycle 22X at 5:30... http://t.co/1IXVVe7go2
  3. @purecycle - Tue Sep 30 22:16 Group Ride tomorrow http://t.co/tCNYgmIUl7
  4. @purecycle - Fri Sep 26 19:06 We have some staff demo bikes that are going to make an appearance on our floor shortly. Standby for pics and prices!
  5. @purecycle - Wed Sep 24 18:14 Off night for the group ride this week. We have a big to-do list this week so it's every rider for themselves!... http://t.co/Xd6InDipoo
  6. @purecycle - Wed Sep 24 02:56 Now in other news. In an effort to maintain the meager progress in fitness he has made recently, Big E has... http://t.co/3wiaQJA803
  7. @purecycle - Thu Sep 18 16:19 Erik decided that his Stache needed an upgrade - Enve Wheels, carbon bar, Ti saddle, XTR clutched derailleur --... http://t.co/WyNW9Dl0eH
  8. @purecycle - Thu Sep 18 15:03 Last nights local lap was a beauty! One always forgets how good we have it here!! http://t.co/83cRxxrVAU
  9. @purecycle - Wed Sep 17 17:07 Grizzly action in West Bragg. Group Ride moved to COP Eastlands tonight. Meet at gravel lot off entrance road on the east side 5:30.
  10. @purecycle - Wed Sep 17 16:49 http://t.co/YinPgDfSAl
  11. @purecycle - Wed Sep 17 16:47 UPDATE!! Grizzly Bear sighting at West Bragg Creek Trailhead means we are moving the Group Ride to the COP... http://t.co/CczeaRh7VK
  12. @purecycle - Tue Sep 16 23:41 Group Ride resumes tomorrow evening. Meet at Cycle 22X at 5:30 and we will try to be riding by 6. Plan is to... http://t.co/smRhZGxewk
  13. @purecycle - Mon Sep 15 22:22 Recon mission to West Bragg today. Trails will be mint in 24 hours!
  14. @purecycle - Sun Sep 14 23:57 We need a trail report!! Who rode what and where today?
  15. @purecycle - Sat Sep 13 20:04 I posted 8 photos on Facebook in the album "Cruz' 2015" http://t.co/l4WSh7k8iH
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