1. @purecycle - Sat Nov 22 22:24 Big E has broken out the custom seat. It's been waiting in the wings until the time was right to strike. #perchworks http://t.co/DRHCljnsXR
  2. @purecycle - Sat Nov 22 19:40 Quick Reminder about Tomorrow -- This is just a group ride, not a demo event. We do not yet have the demo's built... http://t.co/jz8Cj4GtB9
  3. @purecycle - Fri Nov 21 22:21 Reminder for Sunday -- Fat Bike ride is happening out at Bragg! Here's the boss showing off his new rig! http://t.co/FhYsZpgC8i
  4. @purecycle - Fri Nov 21 20:03 We are priming up the fat tire for our kick off winter ride this Sunday. Meet at our Cycle 22X location at 11:30. http://t.co/kwaK6OdGnf
  5. @purecycle - Fri Nov 21 20:02 @NHLFlames awesome pic of an old school ninja!
  6. @purecycle - Fri Nov 21 20:00 Traction and lighting are key this winter. Get time on the saddle in anytime with these sweet add ons! http://t.co/9L7qzhrEAP
  7. @purecycle - Tue Nov 18 00:22 Big E took down a Merlin fatbike lap. Trails are awesome right now. Ran into some pals at the stone bench. Fun times were had by all
  8. @purecycle - Mon Nov 17 06:17 Late night session in the Pure shop to get Derek ready for Monday fat ride in WBC. Standby for spy pics! http://t.co/nHV2ol1Uzj
  9. @purecycle - Sat Nov 15 23:55 45 NRTH CobraFist pogies back in stock!! http://t.co/4gDDOtXVcW
  10. @purecycle - Fri Nov 14 21:23 FAT BIKE SEASON OPENER? MUY BUENO! We've got a smattering of Baa Baa gear and Endura cold weather gear. Get on... http://t.co/XDicDQSgjz
  11. @purecycle - Fri Nov 14 19:52 Here's a little demo of the new remote button on the Serfas True 2500. Handle bar mounted, and ambidextrous... http://t.co/9qsO8g7Y8u
  12. @purecycle - Fri Nov 14 19:18 Our trail spies in West Bragg report that the snow riding is primo right now! See you out this weekend. http://t.co/2CsufBw5Hd
  13. @purecycle - Thu Nov 13 17:40 So... Fat Bikes? http://t.co/4b3wjX3pUm
  14. @purecycle - Sat Nov 08 17:16 Morning all! Please be aware that we are closed this Tuesday, November 11th with respect to Remembrance Day.... http://t.co/5oAnVcaQI1
  15. @purecycle - Fri Nov 07 03:10 Fat bike game just keeps getting more interesting! Carbon Bucksaw coming.... http://t.co/e8LJx8OjLL
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